Monday, October 12, 2015

Election 2015

Advance voting has opened and it is time for Canada to set the direction of our nation for the next 5 years.  As a class we have looked at the political spectrum and explored where your own political beliefs fit and what federal party your thinking would be most aligned with.  However, just voting for a party based on philosophical beliefs can often be misleading as a government's actions once in power do not always follow their political ideals.    As a result it is important that you understand the details of a political parties election platform before you cast your vote.

Task:  Click on the following link and explore the Election Issues Primers from Maclean's Magazine.

 Explore the issues and get a feel for where each party stands and what action they intend to do if they gain power.  Once you have examined the issues make a comment and indicate what party you support. Explain your choice by referring to a few of the key issues that are important to you.

Remember the actions a government takes is what defines a nation so it is important you understand what each party intends to do before you had over the country to them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Exploring your Political Views

Politics and Party
Political parties are guided by ideology. Like all modern nations, Canada is governed by one or more political parties. Political parties are a relatively recent invention and none are more than a few hundred years old. Most are organized around political and social principles—an ideology, which guides it in everything it does. Most of Canada’s political parties believe in a balance between the powers of the state and the rights of the individual. They support some form of capitalism and the kind of parliamentary democracy we currently enjoy.

Activity:: Find out what kind of political views you have and how they compare with world figures and political parties

Go to
Read the instructions and complete the quiz
Read through your results page to learn about your views

Next go to the Canada Elections Quiz  and find out what party you are aligned with.

summarize what you learned from the quiz by commenting in response to this posting on the course blog --

left vs right: left-wing usually means more government control over industry and economy; right-ring usually means less government regulation and intervention (laissez-faire)
authoritarian vs libertarian: authoritarian means powerful government which controls rights and freedoms, sometimes it can be a dictatorship; libertarian means less government control of rights, sometimes less government in general

Once you have completed your comment go to How Canadians Govern Themselves by clicking here and completing the Inside View and Touchpoints activities.